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Thurston Livestock

Our ultimate goal is to produce phenotypically sound cattle that will work in our environment, and are profitable.

Our passion for raising livestock has come from both sides of the family, Katrina’s mom and dad being Charolais breeders and Ivor’s being Hereford breeders. Herefords were chosen for their durability, easy disposition, calving ease, and carcass characteristics. We appreciate the Charolais for their growth and marketability at the sale barn.

Our farm is located in the Ottawa Valley, in the highlands region of Lanark County. Our program consists of about 45 cows, 2/3 Polled Purebred Hereford cows and 1/3 Hereford X Black Angus cows. We have a small Purebred Charolais herd as well that we use to produce herd bulls. We show and sell a select few out of what we believe is the top of our Hereford program. Our commercial cows provide us with the opportunity to have extra gain on calves at sale time in the fall while taking advantage of hybrid vigor. We pride ourselves on not pampering our cattle but giving them the essentials they need to thrive.

Guests are welcome to visit as we enjoy walking the pasture, observing and discussing the animals. Input from other breeders is always welcome, so give us a call so we can be sure to be home.

Cattle Breeds

  • Polled Herefords
  • Charolais
  • Commercial F1 Females

Available Services

Photography & Video
Take your marketing to the next level with unique services in promotions in the cattle industry. We provide customers with professional fully formatted and edited production-ready photos and videos for sales or shows.

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